About Us

The Dubai Dance Academy teaches classical French ballet, and promotes the best international techniques from leading ballet schools world-wide.

Our Vision: Strong, skilled and confident dancers who love, live and breathe the Art of Ballet.


A word from DDA’s Director:

“Performance is everything to the dancer, regardless of age or expertise,” she says. “That is where The Dubai Dance Academy shines. We don’t just teach our students the principles of fine ballet, we carefully develop our dancers, giving them the skills and confidence they need to perform to international standards. Some students will take on the stage in a small local production aged seven to build confidence, others will go on to study and perform professionally with our partners in Paris, Russia or London, when they reach international performance standards.”

“The Dubai Dance Academy promotes self-confidence, determination, respect and a total understanding of the body. We have a very holistic approach to the well-being of our students. This type of education is something we take very seriously, and is particularly important for children and teens that dance regularly, especially older students that intend to take flight and dance professionally.”